An Article about Dreams.

So the season finale of Glee was tonight and I will admit that it was a pretty powerful finale. However, it caused me to think a lot about my own life and I would like to share some thoughts.

Now I understand how some things are meant to stay private, but in this new age of social media, nothing is every private. So why hide your thoughts when everyone across the world isn’t? Better yet, why hide your passion, like many have, including myself?

A year ago, I wanted to be a businessman. I wanted to be my own boss, make millions of dollars, live in New York, and make my parents proud of living a life they dreamed of me having. I never, however, stopped to think about why do I want to do business and before I knew it, I was sitting in a microeconomics class thinking to myself, “why am I here?” It was a sign to me that this wasn’t the life I wanted, at least, not the dream I had. Where was my dream? It was sitting in office. An office with me smiling and doing something I loved. My dream only told me half of what I wanted to do and that half was being involved with sports.

I can remember my first throw, my first catch, my first hit, my first home run, my first championship. I can remember my first lay-up, my first three pointer. I can remember my first touchdown. Sports was embedded in my genetic code and no one but me could crack the code as to why I love sports so much. I could watch ESPN endlessly, even through re-runs. Some might call it a problem, but then again football players take ballet classes and Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is a computer nerd making billions. So I think in 2012, anything is fair game.

The only problem with knowing half of your dream is finding what the other half is. I thought it was business, but when I realized I would not be surrounded by what I love, but rather computations and data, I started searching. Better word for search is that I started to write. I started writing my thoughts out and when conversations about what NFL team was going to win the Super Bowl were translated to words on paper, it suddenly hit me. Writing was a gateway for me to exert who I am and what I was thinking. That is why I started The Sport Scholar on Tumblr and why I have become a Communications major. Every professional athlete had the dream to be where they are today and it was that dream that pushed them to the stardom they have received. LeBron James moved from the small town of Akron, Ohio to the bright lights of Miami, Florida playing in the NBA. Jose Reyes moved from the countryside of Dominican Republic to the United States to play baseball and support his family. Everyone, whether it is in athletics or another field of interest has had a dream and those who are successful today are those who followed their dreams and did not allow any one to get in their way.

So why do I share this thought with the world on my newly created WordPress blog? Simple. I want someone who does not know what they want to do or someone who thinks they know what to do, but not 100% sure to read this. Whether it’d be today, tomorrow, or years later when I have a career, I want people to look at this post for guidance. After reading, I want you to think about the phrase YOLO and how it does not involve extreme activities, but the harsh reality that You Only Live Once. Would you want to live a life in sadness or happiness? I made my choice to follow my dreams. Do not allow anything but your dreams dictate your future. You only live once, make it count. Follow your dreams. Follow your passions. Follow your heart.

Unbiased, Uncensored, Unique

The Sports Scholar


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