NBA Eastern and Western Conference Championships

So I am a bit rusty since I have been on “hiatus” for quite a while. Let’s hope no one riots against me if this article is sub par.

Eastern Conference 

Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat.

With Game 1 completed, it is obvious what the Celtics must do. Stop LeBron. Easier said than done though as the Heat have been playing great from the start and have indeed shown how strong they are even with Chris Bosh on the sidelines. Granted, both the Knicks and Pacers lost key players to injuries, but it does not take away from the Heat success. You look at the opposing side, the Celtics, and you don’t see anything new. You have a “Big Three” that could possibly be playing their final games together and with Ray Allen’s ankle fading away minute by minute in each game he plays, adversity is a word synonymous with this team. The Celtics must amp their defense and create a slow-paced game to keep LeBron and the young Heat in check. Otherwise, the swagger and skill of the Miami Heat will overtake the resilient attitude of the Celtics. Prediction: Miami Heat clinch series in Game 6.

Western Conference

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. San Antonio Spurs.

So we move to the West and there are correlations to the Eastern Conference Finals. You have a young team against an experienced team. The one-two punch of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant along with the rest of the Thunder have powered through the 2011 NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers. So, the Thunder are no strangers to experienced teams, but The Spurs are  not only experienced. They are DOMINANT! Holding an impressive  8-0 record in the playoffs, they are 19-0 their last 19 games. You can think of the Spurs as the modern-day CleanSweep team. I hope everyone got the movie reference, if not, check your Ernest movies. The Spurs have to do the same thing the Celtics must do and that is stop the run and make it a slow-paced game, like they have been doing throughout the entire playoffs. I look at this series to be very historic, possibly going to Game 7. Prediction: San Antonio Spurs clinch series in Game 7. 


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