How the New York Knicks can learn from the New York Mets.

In a bizarre season of 66 games, coach resignation, LINSANITY, and injuries, the New York Knicks found themselves with the same result as last season. An elimination in the first round of the playoffs. During the Linsanity run, we saw a New York Knick team that was different from the previous years. The Knicks were a team filled with confidence and faith in their abilities even with their star player, Carmelo Anthony, sidelined with an injury. The next saga that unfolded was the dissent with D’Antoni as the head coach. What did D’Antoni to? Well, he resigned before the Knicks could fire him. Taking the reins was Mike Woodson and the Knicks took flight, going 18-6 under Woodson and winning their first playoff game in 11 years. So what is next for the Knicks?

1) Re-sign Jeremy Lin

2) Condition themselves for a full season.

3) Get past the first round of the playoffs.

How? Look no further than the metropolitan area Knicks, because your inspiration is just over the East River at Citi Field. The New York Mets are filled with young talent, many whom have been called up for the minors rather quickly due to injuries and trades. Nevertheless, the New York Mets are 1.5 game out of first place in the competitive National League East playing like the true underdogs the franchise has been since their creation.

The New York Mets have David Wright, Johan Santana, and Jason Bay as their top three players on paper, but this season has shown that each player, even the bench, are vital to the success the Mets have had so far.

One thing the New York Knicks seemed to face was going to their bench for help. Once Carmelo Anthony stepped off the floor, it seemed like the heart was ripped out. In order for the Knicks to propel themselves past the first round of the playoffs and solidify themselves as a top contender in the NBA, they must find confidence in each other as a team. With Mike Woodson as their permanent head coach, it is possible, but it is up to the team themselves to realize it because a team is as strong as its weakest link. Jeremy Lin has proven that he can step up when called and the rest of the team has the potential.

Knicks, look to your fellow New York team, the Mets, a team expected to not be great, but mediocre and used this as motivation to excel. You have the coach. You have the star players in Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, and Tyson Chandler. You have LINSANITY. You have great bench players. You have the tools, and now you must find the motivation.


2 thoughts on “How the New York Knicks can learn from the New York Mets.

    1. Hey there Lucas. I had a feeling you would comment on this..kind of baited you haha. You are right. I agree he is not one of the top three players. However, I meant that if you go by names, Lucas Duda or Mike Baxter don’t jump immediately. David Wright, Johan Santana, and Jason Bay would be those names. The point I make about Jason Bay is to correlate to the rest of the article. The Knicks have a big three: Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, and Tyson Chandler. You would agree without one of those players that there is a big hole that must be filled right? Same with the Mets. David Wright, Johan Santana, and Jason Bay are looked as The Big Three, however the way this year has gone, each player has been key to the Mets success. I know it may seem ridiculous to try and connect both teams since one roster is bigger than the other and more players on the field than on the court; but it was to show the argument I made, which is that the Knicks are just like the Mets. If I went by the top three players right now, since Jason Bay is injured, I would go Santana, Wright, and Dickey, in my opinion. Thanks for the comment though!

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