Week 17: Bye Bye Giants

Here they come tumbling down the beanstalk.

After we all thought the second half swoon was over when the New York Giants handed a beating to the New Orleans Saints, just like last season, Week 17 will be make-it or break-it for the Giants.

And I am sorry to disappoint, anger, and sadden many Giants fans, like myself, but the Giants will not make the 2012-2013 NFL playoffs. There is too many ifs, too many doubts, no confidence, and no chance, albeit divine intervention.

Here are the different scenarios in order for the Giants to make the playoffs. First, they must defeat the Philadelphia Eagles at home [which will likely occur on a late fourth quarter Eli Manning drive that will leave every Giants cringing and saying prayers until the game is over]. Second, by the end of this game, the Chicago Bears will have to have lost to the Detroit Lions. Third, the Giants must turn on the TV and hope the Green Bay Packers defeat the Minnesota Vikings at 4:25 pm Eastern Time. Fourth and final, the Giants must tune in st 8pm Eastern Time and hope the Washington Redskins defeat the Dallas Cowboys. Only then will the Giants make the playoffs.

See how long that was, I am on 187 words now.

It will be a 10 hour ordeal before we even know if the Giants can make the playoffs, which will leave everyone exhausted and why the Bears will see to it that they save Giants fans the misery of enduring such pain. The Bears will beat the Lions. The Lions have been an inconsistent team the entire year, and aside from Calvin Johnson breaking the single-season receiving yards record, it has been a year to forget.  Oh, and also if the Bears don’t defeat the Lions, they will not go to the playoffs so that gives extra motivation for the Bears to win this game.

But lets say the Bears don’t win. Well, then the Packers will see to it the Vikings don’t make the playoffs because what makes a Sunday sweet in Green Bay? Cheese and beating the Vikings while getting a first-round bye in the process! So, this isn’t a game the Packers will take lightly and regardless of what Adrian Peterson does, the Packers are great at stopping the run, so Christian Ponder will be the go-to guy for the Vikings to have a chance at winning this game. If Ponder and Peterson can hook up in the air, this game could get interesting.

Last but not least, if the Bears and Vikings don’t win, it is Cowboys vs. Redskins. [Hope all my Giants brethren are still alive]  Now here is where it gets even more interesting. Cowboys lock up the NFC East with a win. The Redskins will lock up a playoff berth with a loss if the Bears and Vikings lose. So if the football gods were against the Giants as they have been the past two weeks, Dallas could win and thwart a chance at the playoffs, but the Redskins would still get in if the Bears and Vikings lost [Sums up the Giants season].

Yet, don’t think RGIII will let a NFC East title elude him in his rookie season. He is a hungry rookie who has lifted up the Redskins franchise and provided the Redskins with a remarkable season. With a win, RGIII will most certaintly lock up Offensive Rookie of the Year, a 10 win season, and an NFC East title in his rookie season. Hell of a year.

So there you have it Giants fans. There is too much time, energy, and faith to be put into this game and frankly, as a diehard Giants fans, I will be frank [insert Twitter plug @ILLBeFrankie]. I will be watching the Giant game and if they win and the Bears lose, I will watch the Packers vs. Vikings and if the Vikings lose, I will watch the Redskins vs. Cowboys [Even if the Giants lose, I will still watch every game because that’s how big of a sports geek I am].

But in my humble opinion, the fat lady has sung and I have lost faith in my Giants.


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