PEDs has ruined the game I love

If I had it my way, my mom would have given birth to me at Shea Stadium behind the catcher’s mound and I would come out wearing a Mets Jersey with a glove in one hand and a bat in the other with my first words being: “PLAY BALL”

Baseball is in my blood. The red seams of the baseball are my veins and I bleed Dodger Blue and Giant Orange. I grew up on baseball being a sport of integrity, sportsmanship, and most importantly, having fun. It wasn’t about breaking records, getting girls, or fame and fortune. Baseball was and still to me is about having fun.

Yet, over the course of the new milleneium, the game I love has been tarnished. It has been tarnished by the use of items we are told as little kids to never use in our lives because of the health implications. However, baseball players today have seen no other way possible to hit home runs, break records, and stay healthy, without the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

You can say that the front-runner to tarnishing the game would be Barry Bonds, the all-time leader in home runs. We all knew he used steroids to get there, but it goes down in the record books regardless.

To me, the person that will always stand out is Alex Rodriguez.

When the new report came out linking players to the use of PEDs as recently as last season, I was furious.

When the new report came out linking Alex Rodriguez to the use of PEDs as recently as last season, I felt betrayed.

As a young boy, I looked up to Rodriguez and everything he did. I read about him being born in New York, just like I was. He was born into a Dominican family, just like I was. And, he loved to play baseball, just like I do. Alex Rodriguez was my role model and an inspiration for me to become a baseball player.

Then, steroids happened.

My dream was shattered as I learned that players I looked up to: Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Mark Mcgwire, Roger Clemens, Gary Sheffield, Jason Giambi, and even Alex Rodriguez were suspected of using steroids. My first thought was no. No, none of these all-stars would do such a thing. They worked hard, trained hard, sacrificed, to get to where they are.

Then, like an execution, one by one either admitted or were proven to have used steroids. When Alex Rodriguez came out and admitted to the world his use of steroids, it was like having your world turned upside down. Here is a man, a legend, that I looked up to and he cheated.

But what hurt the most about this new report is that he still lied after admitting. He lied about not using steroids anymore and now this one all star and role model to me, is nothing more than a fraud.

Alex Rodriguez should not be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and neither should anyone who has used steroids. Period. These individuals should not be revered for their fraudulent behavior and ruining something I hold near and dear to my heart along with millions of other baseball and sports fans around the world.

I love this game and I will still love this game, but no longer do I respect these, once-icons for what they did to ruin the game I love. Especially my once role model.


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