A-Rod stands for Attention-Rod

13 players were suspended on Monday for taking PEDs from Biogenesis. One name stood above all the rest. While 12 other players took their punishment with respect and class and admitted their mistakes, one player didn’t do that. While Jhonny Peralta and Nelson Cruz, two highly respected baseball players with teams in the playoff race and a contract year on the line, apologized and accepted the punishment, one player didn’t do that. One player got a fair suspension of 211 games and refused to take it out of attention.

Last night as I watched the Yankees game on YES, which I never should do but do anyway because it’s the first commandment of the New York Mets commandments: Thou shall not watch any Yankee games, I didn’t listen to a baseball game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox. I listened to a game in which it talked about one player and focused on one player.

Do you see the point I am trying to make here?

Alex Rodriguez is getting exactly what he wants. Publicity. Rodriguez hasn’t apologized and hasn’t admitted to any of the mistakes MLB has on him, but instead sneers at the suspension by appealing and playing in a game knowing full well he will be the centerpiece of the broadcast. In his first at-bat, he is booed by Chicago fans, Yankee fans, and all the viewers watching at home. If you didn’t know, the Yankees ended up losing 8-1, much to my delight as a Mets fan.

But as a baseball fan and as a sports as a whole, I am disgusted that a man who swore to his team and the public that he ceased cheating after 2003 was caught once again with his hand in the cookie jar and refuses to be a man about it like the 12 other players. I am disgusted that Rodriguez is getting what he wants out of this when he shouldn’t be. This season hasn’t been about the New York Yankees. This season hasn’t been about the incredible baseball we have seen nor is it about a September to remember rapidly approaching.

All the attention has been focused on Alex Rodriguez.

Plastered in front of every New York newspaper. Plastered in front of every sports website. Talked about on every radio show. Televised at a minor league game. Name me the last time the Trenton Thunder got the attention they got from Rodriguez and I will include a footnote with your name and your evidence. Heck, I’ll put money up. I am that confident.

Ultimately, Alex Rodriguez is getting what he wants. Attention. MLB wanted the lifetime ban to make a statement out of him, but they decided to lessen the penalty and still defiant as ever and knowing full well he will still be getting the attention, Rodriguez refused to accept it. See this is where I can say I respect Ryan Braun. Even though his lying was despicable, when he was caught, he accepted the punishment.

If you may know from an earlier post, Rodriguez used to be my favorite baseball player as I grew up. But now, all I see is a man soaking all the attention and arrogantly tarnishing a game I love.


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