Why I Don’t Like Black Friday

Courtesy of whatdoumeme.com
Courtesy of whatdoumeme.com

Black Friday. I mean, just the title of the name itself is already a negative connotation.

As shoppers push and shove to get the best “deals” of the year and some will end up in hospitals, yes hospitals, I sit in my comfy bedroom, warm and content with the items I have. And I am not talking about materials when I say items.

Today is Thanksgiving and it is a day that we take out of the year to say thank you to those who mean the most to us. Whether it is family members, significant others, dance teams (shout out to V.I.P.), or co-workers, it is a day dedicated to giving thanks for the blessings we have. Yet, in some twisted way, this day of thanks turns into a night of purge-like nature when Americans across the country, full bellies and wallets at the ready, seem to forget what they celebrated a day ago.

I have heard more reports of people injured or killed from Black Friday than I have heard reports of great deals customers received from stores. Why must I endure standing in front of a store in the blistering cold while I can’t even afford the majority of the items in this store?

Why would I enter a store in a sea of vicious customers while a woman pepper sprays the entire air just to get an Xbox 360?

Or go shopping at a Toys R Us for a doll for my niece just to bear witness to a shootout between customers?

People who were just sharing in actions of thankfulness now become savages and for what? Because they can get a TV a few hundred dollars cheaper? Or because a video game console is on sale when it never is?

I don’t like what Black Friday has become when it comes to actual store shopping so here’s what I’ll do. I’ll sit in my room, online shop, and if I find a good deal, I’ll take advantage of it. No need to become a savage and start attacking people just to guarantee I get what I want on Black Friday.


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