GM Mode: New York Giants Part 1, Unrestricted Free Agents

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Welcome to GM Mode for the New York Giants. In the coming days, I will play Jerry Reese and decide who to keep and who to let go for the 2014 season. 

Here’s a fact. The New York Giants need help.

Here’s an opinion. A new offensive coordinator won’t solve the problems of the Giants. New players will solve the problem.

After starting the season with an abysmal 0-6 start, the Giants hit their stride and won seven out of the last ten games to finish the season 7-9. But the finish was on the opposite side of the spectrum the Giants expected to be at this point in the season. The Giants expected to be the first team to play in the Super Bowl at their home stadium. They even made a countdown clock for motivation. Little did they know the countdown clock was just to tease them on when to watch the Super Bowl, not play in it.

So, imagine you are Jerry Reese and you are sitting in an empty MetLife Stadium that prepares to host two teams that don’t include your franchise. You are steaming, enraged and stressed because the 2014 season rests on your shoulders. The team needs to improve and it starts with you. According, the new salary cap will be $126.3 million, which means the Giants will have $10,925,324 to spend this offseason. How do you restore your team?

Read the full article here –> New York Giants: Unrestricted Free Agents, re-sign or decline?


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