Top 14 Stories from 2014

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Well, this is it.

2014 is over and with 2015 on the horizon, there’s going to be a lot of changes.

New Year’s Resolutions will be made…and broken. And with a new year comes a new time for Breaking Ball.

Lately I haven’t been writing much because of the hustle and bustle of senior year and serving as Senior Editor for The Gavel at BC. But in 2015, I’ll be creating more content for the site.

For now, check out 14 articles I wrote in 2014. Give them a read and let me know what you thought of the articles were your favorite.

In no particular order:

1. No Love for Women’s Beanpot

Sparse attendance at the Women’s Beanpot pissed me off to be frank.

2. Could BC go 9-3?

They went 7-6. But it could’ve been.

3. Defending LeBron James and his Cramps

I’m getting a cramp from having to write this.

4. Andre Williams Explodes Onto the NFL Scene

My man Andre. Had a great rookie season. Can’t wait to see what he does his sophomore season.

5. Who the Heck is Jim Christian?

He’s a heck of a coach. A great guy to talk to as well.

6. When Choosing a Major, Don’t Let Money Pick for You

Seriously, don’t. You’ll be miserable.

7. Taking Back the Marathon

This was my baby for half of 2014. Read the stories about people running a year after the Boston Marathon bombing.

8. Players Trade Jerseys, Fans Burn Jerseys

Title speaks for itself.

9. 5 Annoying Things about the NYC Subway

There’s more than 5, but since I worked for Fox 5 in the summer, it fits the bill.

10. New York Giants: Unrestricted Free Agents to Re-Sign or Decline

Could’ve helped, but hey, at least we got Odell Beckham Jr.

11. A Symbolic, Storybook Win for BC

BC beat USC.

12. The Teacher in the Red Bandana

My favorite feature story of the year. Eric Mendoza runs to his fourth consecutive Red Bandanna 5K victory.

13. A Fairness Issue

There’s a fairness issue in athletic departments across the country.

14. Are You Sure We Are One?

The experiences of myself and fellow BC students during protests for Eric Garner and Michael Brown prompted me to ask this question: Are You Sure We Are One?

There you have it! To check out more articles I’ve written for The Gavel and in 2014, check out the links below:

The Gavel

There is more to come in 2015. Until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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