Breaking Ball


From Sports Scholar and predicting the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl over the Patriots, AGAIN to Bernard’s Block and almost getting a perfect prediction with the Ravens Super Bowl victory over the 49ers, Breaking Ball has had quite a history. Here is a list of articles solely done for

The Men in the Wheelchair (NEW)

I’m Going to Israel!

Why Should I Go to the Super Bowl?

Let Me Wear a Yankees Hat

Revisiting my Childhood 

My, It’s a Wonderful Life

A-Rod stands for Attention-Rod

Hero-Ball needs to end in Gotham

The Importance of the Quarterback

Flacco’s contract is one word: Prodigal

Tom Brady’s pay cut is a message to all professional athletes

NASCAR is a real sport

PEDs has ruined the game I love

Flacco does not need Super Bowl victory to prove he’s elite

NFL Pro Bowl: Either play or don’t play at all

Te’o debacle sheds light on journalism

Ravens vs. Colts could be bigger than Super Bowl XLVII

Week 17: Bye Bye Giants

No-Han for Johan! History Made in Citi Field

How the New York Knicks can learn from the New York Mets

NBA Eastern and Western Conference Championship


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