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During the Spring of 2012, I was bestowed with the honor of being an Emma Bowen Foundation Scholar. As a scholar of the Emma Bowen Foundation, I had the opportunity to work in the summer for one of the foundation’s corporate sponsors. Fox Television Stations picked up my application and fast forward to June 2012, I found myself standing in front of FOX 5 New York’s station awaiting to work with glee. Little did I know that this is where my writing took off.

I was placed with the Web Producers who managed, the website for FOX 5 New York and after pitching the idea of original content to the Senior Producer, I found myself writing commentary on New York sports team such as the New York Yankees, New York Mets, New York Knicks and the New York Giants.

Here is the list of articles I composed for over the summer of 2012.

MyFOXNY columns

  1. Subway series has Mets at Yankee Stadium
  2. NBA Finals Game 2 preview
  3. Dickey and Santana: The Dynamic Duo of New York
  4. Oklahoma City Thunder, do not press the panic button
  5. Oklahoma City faces elimination, down 3-1
  6. NBA Finals a sign of things to come
  7. How much do you know about the Subway Series
  8. What the 2012 Subway Series showed about the Yankees and Mets
  9. The New York Knicks:  a team of high expectations
  10. Eli Manning: Number 10 is not in the top 10
  11. With C.C and Pettitte out, opportunity knocks for Yankees
  12. Don’t lose Jeremy Lin
  13. Why R. A. Dickey should be the starting pitcher for the NL
  14. Howard not going to Nets can be a good thing
  15. Good is not good enough for the New York Mets 
  16. Yankees are the best, for now
  17. What the off-season has shown about Jeremy Lin and the Knicks 
  18. Linsanity is over: Jeremy Lin is an ex Knick 
  19. Nets vs Knicks will determine fate of both teams
  20. No big noise from Mets or Yanks at trade deadline
  21. Should Eli and Coughlin be Hall of Famers
  22. Enough Jets, just play football 
  23. Superman finds new home in LA with the Laker



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