The Gavel

I began as a staff writer for Gavel Media in April of 2013 and on January 9th, 2014, I became an Associate Sports Editor. On February 17th, I created the series Taking Back the Marathon, a series devoted to featuring Boston College students who are running in the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Taking Back the Marathon VI – For Bandits

Who the Heck is Jim Christian? – NEW

Taking Back the Marathon V – For Charity

Opinion: When Choosing a Major, Don’t Let Money Pick For You

Showing Up For Showdown: My Diary of Showdown Week

Opinion: Apply for BC Scholarships 

Taking Back the Marathon IV – For Resilience

Why Andre Williams? The Answer is in the Question

Taking Back the Marathon III – For Our Strength

Sports Shorts: BU Hockey beats BC, Softball Goes Undefeated in Florida

A Love Letter to my Roommates 

Opinion: Venezuela Protests Show the Strength of College Students

Taking Back the Marathon II: For the Community

Taking Back the Marathon I: For my Father

Opinion: No Love for Women’s Beanpot

5 for 25: Celebrating Conte Forum (February PRINT ARTICLE)

Get a Kluwe: Athletes Speaking Out (February PRINT ARTICLE) 

Soaring for Change I: LTL Dominican Republic Service/Immersion Trip

Could BC Football Go 9-3 in 2014?

Putting Words to Faces: Faces of Faith, Humanity, and Spirituality @ BC 

BC vs. Syracuse Reaction: Down but not Distraught

Pro/Con: Does the UCLA Black Bruins Viral Video Have Merit?

Opinion: AHANA, Are You In or Are You It?

Andre Williams Is Running to the NFL

Rumblin’, Bumblin’, Stumblin’: BC Cheer Squad, Captains of Morale (October PRINT ARTICLE)

Glee’s Emotional Tribute to Cory Monteith Makes You Feel the Love

The Tale of the O’Rourke-McFadden Trophy

That’s Dope: A BC Perspective (September PRINT ARTICLE)

Gone are the days of the pocket-passer, or are they?

An open letter to Uncle Sam on the American Identity

Opinion: Sports have taken too much precedence over reality

BC alums faring just fine in throes of NFL offseason

Can we go back to the “Glory Days?”

Opinion: College admissions is not what you think



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